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Navigating a Complex Media World.

Law enforcement

In the contemporary policing landscape, the widespread use of cameras by the public demands additional training for law enforcement.

Media training

Our media training equips you to excel in both broadcast and social media, mastering the art of effective communication in the digital age.

Media solutions

Elevate your brand's credibility with our comprehensive media solutions services, designed to boost your reputation and influence.

Complex problems

We provide a strategic approach to solving complex problems, helping you navigate challenges with clarity, insight, and a well-defined path to success.

Crisis management

Prepare your team to handle any crisis with confidence through our tailored crisis management training, protecting your organization's reputation.

Tactical solutions

Gain the tactical techniques you need to address immediate issues effectively, ensuring swift resolution and minimal disruption.

Guiding you through the stormy waters of today's communications

Communications in today's media environment can either be smooth sailing or rough waters depending on how you embark on your journey. That's why you need experience.

The modern broadcast media is being transformed by the internet, social media and now artificial intelligence. Today, those who do not want to be on camera might not have that luxury in today's business world. And one mistake on social media can cost you dearly.

For those that have encountered rough waters, you need careful guidance in crisis communications. What do you say? What do you not mention? And when should you talk?

Strickland Communications is here to navigate you through today's everchanging complex media world.

Meet David Strickland

David Strickland is known as an excellent leader who has taken average-performing news departments and turned them into market leading organizations.

Dave is a 40-year broadcast journalist veteran with the last 25 years as a television Vice President and News Director. He is a multi-disciplined journalist with additional experience as a newspaper sports editor, reporter, producer and radio play by play announcer.

Since leaving broadcasting, Dave concentrates on helping business leaders understand how media operates. Using his decades of experience, he teaches executives how to craft their messaging for maximum effectiveness. Dave also coaches C-Suite executives and corporate managers from all levels helping them become strong communicators across multiple media platforms.

As a News Director, Dave has won multiple national awards and numerous Emmys. He was inducted into the Lone Star EMMY chapter’s 2023 8th Silver Circle. His work has been honored by FBI Director Robert Mueller, CrimeStoppers and Houston Children’s Charity.

law enforcement

Training law enforcement to deal with phone cameras

social media training

Navigating the Digital Quagmire

media training

Elevate Your Communication Skills